Vertical Sectors

One size doesn’t fit all. Different industries and business types have different needs, which is why we have developed specific products and services tailored to each one. As a result we have developed a strong customer base in each of our key sectors below. Here is an overview of those key sectors along with examples of just some of the solutions available that might be music to your ears.




Public Sector





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For customers who have multiple offices with telephone systems at each site, our multi-site support allows the users to operate from a single server, networking the sites seamlessly together.

Benefits include:

  • Ideal for multi sites, remote offices and home workers
  • No matter where the location, all units work as a single system
  • Allows teams and groups to work seamlessly together
  • Visibility of staff presence/status irrespective of location
  • Integrated conference call functionality
  • Connected mobile apps
  • Video
  • Collaboration
  • Desktop sharing
  • Reduced costs through one centralised system (only one operator/receptionist required)

Large organisations depend on guaranteed availability and continuity from their phone system, combined with extensive features and flexible working.

The key benefits of our Enterprise phone systems include:

  • High availability
  • Business continuity
  • Disaster recovery
  • Flexible working
  • Solutions that can be hosted locally or in the cloud (private or public)
  • Group collaboration with staff, partners and customers
  • Multi-media contact centre (integrates with CRM, emails, text etc)
  • Centralised call answering
  • Conferencing
  • App/Desktop sharing both internally and externally

Our phone systems for small to mid-sized businesses are tailored to maximize your resources.

Every SME has different telecoms requirements particularly if you are a busy, hands on team striving for excellent customer service.

More and more small businesses are looking for a flexible telecoms solution that allows them to work remotely, adapting easily as the company evolves whilst always giving a professional image to customers through their telephone system, regardless of how small they are.

IP telephony is an ideal solution for SMEs. Unlike a traditional telephone system, it is not reliant users being in a specific location. Remote workers simply take the same IP handset that they use in the office out with them to location and connect to their central network through a standard broadband connection. Telephone calls can be transferred directly from the businesses head office and from one staff member to another just as they would if they were sitting at their desks.

We take SMEs through a step by step process to:

  • Maximise your investment and stay within budget, no matter how small
  • Manage your transition to new technologies (such as IP telephony or a wireless system) without overloading your IT staff or losing focus on your business
  • Take into account and seamlessly integrate your existing IT applications

We understand that a college or school telephone system is very complex and serves many needs. Management, teachers and parents all have different requirements and so we have created a system that works for everybody…with everybody. Here are the main features for each user group of a school or college:


Auto-attendant facility with a ‘pupil absence’ reporting option, so that parents can leave telephone messages about school absences easily.

Direct dialling to key telephone extensions which bypasses a school reception, making access to required staff members easier for the caller and also reducing the workload for school receptions.

Voicemail for all school telephones and school extension users.


A teacher’s mailbox in the school staffroom which indicates telephone messages have been left for specific staff members.

Wireless handsets for staff who are constantly mobile around the school.

Voice over IP (VoIP) functionality which allows staff who are working remotely or from home to make and receive calls on school numbers.

‘Soft telephones’ on classroom PCs as an alternative to having handsets in each classroom.


A dedicated school absence telephone mailbox.

Sophisticated telephone call barring options.

Multiple levels of service for situations such as daytime, outside of normal school hours, school holiday periods & lunchtimes.

ISDN2/30 lines with direct dialling features to avoid bottlenecks at a schools reception.

The ability for the school to transfer a telephone call directly into a specific staff member’s mailbox.

One touch ‘call record on demand’ to voicemail, useful for recording complex telephone messages from parents and calls which are, or may become, abusive.

Capacity which is scalable from 4 to 400 telephone extensions in one system, allowing room for expansion without the need to replace the telecom communications system.

GHM has extensive experience within the Local Government, and understands the importance of intelligent, flexible and effective communications solutions to such organisations.

Customer service, accessibility and efficiency in service delivery, and public accountability for costings are all key issues that any public sector organisation must consider, when determining its best fit communications solutions.

Projects are abound, with the ‘Tell us once’ service, Code of Connection compliance, and Avoidable Contact initiative representing a few of the communication challenges that local government face.

We have fine-tuned IP Telephony, Fixed mobile convergence, unified communications, hosted telephony, voice-data integration solutions to suit local government requirements. We have cut through the hype of these various technological advancements to deliver real benefits which have created efficiencies and cut councils’ operating costs. To discuss how we have assisted local authorities in achieving their communications objectives.

The only technology provider 100% dedicated to care homes

Our specialist WiFi, telephone systems and technologies are being used by care homes across the UK. Those care homes are enjoying better connectivity, better mobility, better efficiency and cheaper monthly costs.


Smartphones are familiar in everyday life, which is why we have developed solutions based around them. No user manuals needed… and care home owners have access to an increasing range of 3rd party software applications designed for care environments.



We take time to understand the needs of your admin and care team, help install the right features and your preferred 3rd party applications. The feature set can be varied depending on job role and level of responsibility.



Our experience has shown that care staff pick up and use a smartphone more readily than a standard cordless handset, one device capable of multi-functions saves them time and stress, whilst improving efficiency.

View our dedicated GHM Care website here.

GHM Communications has considerable experience in dealing with third sector organisations and registered charities. From our experiences in the sector, our Charity Solutions seek to address the following challenges:

  1. Geographic dispersion: premises and individuals, both onsite and roaming
  2. Employees as well as volunteers, often remote, to be integrated
  3. Need for “participant inclusiveness”, especially isolated individuals
  4. Updating staff: training, new initiatives, news, etc, without high cost
  5. Need to keep confidential information secure but accessible from anywhere
  6. Budget constraints and the need to be more environmentally friendly

We have considerable experience and references in the third sector and we fully appreciate the above requirements. Our solutions help through:

  1. Allowing users to interact with each other from anywhere for inclusiveness
  2. Conference tools for remote training, broadcast and worker collaboration
  3. Charity-specific pricing and audit services to create bespoke solutions
  4. Helping you to be leaner, meaner and greener to maximise funding

After working with a number of GP and dental surgeries we soon realised the industry had many needs that weren’t being met when it came to their telephone systems and technology requirements.

As a result, we have worked with some of the leading research institutes in the world to develop a range of services and products that finally meet the needs of surgeries, their staff and most importantly their patients.

We strongly believe that the range of products we have developed will contribute significantly to the level of care that can be provided and the range of services available to patients.

All of the services we have developed have also been in line with the NHS document ‘Improving access, responding to patients- A ‘how-to’ guide for GP practices’. We are passionate about support and have secured several industry awards for our work.

We provide full National cover in the event that your system develops a fault – a technically trained engineer will be able to put your mind at rest and start fixing the problem straight away.

Our dedicated solutions for surgeries include:

  • Traditional and hosted telephone systems
  • Patient connect
  • Automated appointment reminders
  • Touch screen sign in
  • Call queuing
  • Information screens for patients…plus much, much more.

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